Review: Nepal Tea White Prakash

I love a good white tea. The smoothness and light flavor — as well as lack of caffeine — are both reasons I enjoy this type of tea. I recently reviewed a fruity floral white tea blend, but today I’m bringing talking about a more simple white tea, White Prakash, from Nepal Tea. This is one of many they sent me a couple months back, but so far it might be one of my favorites from them.


In addition to being tasty, white teas are some of the healthiest, because the leaves are young and minimally processed, making it possible to get more from the tea. Caffeine is low because the tips of tea leaves are used in white tea.


Nepal Tea’s blends come from the Kanchanjngha Tea Estate (KTE). The company was founded recently, but the tea farm has been around since 1984. Their passion for social justice was something I found admirable when they reached out to me, one of their goals being to “eliminate the middlemen in between who would otherwise reap the benefits of poor farmers in Nepal.”


To prepare white tea, it is important to avoiding using boiling water which will compromise the tea’s taste. Rather, it should be brewed at a low temperature to keep its flavor. Steep about 2 teaspoons at water that is between 175 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Since I don’t have a tea thermometer (with all of the tea I drink, I probably need one), I just let the boiled water sit for a bit before steeping.


This tea is packed with a lot of flavor.White Prakash is described by Nepal Tea as “a darker white tea with light body and strong vanilla top-notes, spring blossoms and melted butter flavors.” Aromatically, it’s very floral. It is also both refreshing and earthy at the same time. It tastes very fresh.

The floral essence really stood out to me as I sipped it, to, and I think the darkness gave a very slight smoky taste to the tea. This tea is soft and aromatic, but not overpowering. It has a very light flavor and slight sweetness that almost has a fruity feel, on par with how relaxed it made me feel.

 Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite white tea!


3 thoughts on “Review: Nepal Tea White Prakash

  1. Would have loved to order this white tea, but I nowhere see where I can do this. Can you help?

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