Review: Adagio Earl Grey Moonlight

In case you didn’t already know, June is Earl Grey month! This is one of my favorite teas so I want to review some blends I really like during this month, starting with Adagio’s Earl Grey Moonlight.


This is one of the samples that came in the Earl Grey Sampler I got a little while ago. What makes Earl Grey Moonlight unique is the vanilla creme flavor that adds a hint of sweetness and smoothness. It’s an interesting take on your everyday earl grey, and I really love it.

Ingredients: black tea, orange peels, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla flavor, natural bergamot flavor and natural creme flavor. (Though I did not see many orange peels in the blend)


To prepare, steep for 3 minutes, and if you measure the temperature of your water, it should be at 212 degrees (boiling).

Something else to note about this tea is that though it is called “Moonlight,” you really shouldn’t have it at nighttime unless you are immune to caffeine. It has a high caffeine level, as most earl grey teas do.


I really enjoy this earl grey. It has most of the traditional flavors of your everyday earl grey tea, like a nice, but not overpowering bergamot, which is probably mellowed out by the addition of creme and vanilla. I felt like it could have had a little more citrus flavor to it, but it did taste good without.

If you are an earl grey fan looking to try a new blend, and like sweet things that aren’t sugary, this one is a great choice! Wake up with it in the morning or enjoy it as a pick-me-up in the early afternoon.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite earl grey tea is! Happy sipping.

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