Review: The Capsoul Tangerine White Tea


I’d like to say I never judge a tea by its container, but I’d be lying. Unfortunately, the same often goes for books. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m a sucker for cute packaging and the use of pretty design. I was drawn to Capsoul’s Tangerine White Tea blend at Homegoods because of the uniquely shaped container covered in a beautiful paisley floral pattern, but it ended up being a good buy because I really love this tea.


The Capsoul does not have a website in English — there are two, for France and for Spain. This tea was made in Spain, with origins in China.

Their tea blends come in decorated capsule containers to keep the leaves fresh,.

IMG_7585 (1)

Ingredients: Pai Mu Tan White Tea (78%), Orange Bark, Azahar Flowers and Tangerine Natural Aroma (2.5%). 

I love citrus fruits, but sometimes citrus teas are risky. I’ve had some that steeped bitterly, and I was a little nervous this one would be that way, but pairing tangerine with white tea yields a soft and summery citrus tea blend — perfect to help you wake up without too much caffeine.  Loose leaf Chinese white teas tend to be lower in caffeine, so if you are sensitive to it, this blend will be ok for you. I felt fine after drinking it, and even enjoyed a second steep before bed without facing any insomnia.


This tea tastes sunny, almost like an unsweetened Orange Julius drink mixed with white tea. While the tangerine aroma is very present and fragrant, the soft white tea brings it back down to earth. If you are new to white tea and wondering what its flavor is like, I would describe it as a mild cross between black tea and green. It isn’t earthy, rather, more nutty with a slight sweetness. It’s a super mild tea.


To prepare, steep about two teaspoons of the looseleaf for 3 minutes. I enjoyed this tea hot, but I’m looking forward to having it iced — it seems like the perfect blend a cold drink to be enjoyed in the warm weather. If you are feeling sad or drowsy, this tea can help cheer you up and get you going with your day. It just tastes sunny and upbeat.

When I steeped this tea, it almost looked frothy on top, and it brewed to a nice light orange color, probably from the orange bark.


Overall, if you’re a fan of tangerines and tea, you’d love this blend. It’s soft and cheerful with an energetically fragrant citrus undertone, so it’s a great choice for hot or iced tea all summer long.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite summertime tea is!
Happy sipping!

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