Tea review: Nepal Tea Ganesha Green

IMG_7145I love trying tea from new companies! I am a big tea drinker, and lately have been expanding my tea horizons. But there are a lot of tea sellers and growers out there, and I feel that I’ve really only scratched the surface when it comes to trying tasty teas.

Recently, Nepal Tea, which started in 2016, reached out and asked if I wanted to try some of their teas, so I said yes. When I opened up the package, I was really surprised and excited to see how many samples they sent me!


Nepal Tea grows at Kanchanjangha Tea Estate (the only fair trade tea estate in Nepal), which began in 1984. They say their teas are “the best in the world,” and the company takes social responsibility really seriously, including “raising the living standard of farmers, fight against discrimination, create sustainable villages and educate children.” They also focus on female empowerment, employing 70 percent women, and they provide scholarships to students. In addition to all of this, their teas are USDA organic. With all of these values, this is a company I can get behind.


They sent me a lot of teas, but for today’s post, I’m focusing on Ganesha Green. I was drawn to this one because of the kelp and seaweed marine flavors, and also because green tea is one of my favorite kinds of tea. I enjoy seaweed on sushi, but I’ve never had it in tea, so I really wanted to try it. The marine ingredients compliment this finer pluck of tea.


I love the look of the leaves of this tea, and before steeping, it had a very earthy, grassy aroma. To prepare, steep 2 minutes — if you go longer you will risk ending up with a bitter tea.


When the tea steeps, the leaves unfold in a really beautiful way. I really enjoyed looking at them. The seaweed taste is present in this flavorful tea, but not in an overwhelming way. It also left the tiniest bit of a sweetness after drinking. It reminds me of a lighter sencha.

If you’re a green tea lover, you’ll really enjoy Nepal Tea’s Ganesha Green. It’s flavorful and robust, full-bodied yet still light, with a slight taste of the ocean.

Let me know your favorite loose leaf green tea in the comments below.

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