Lake Michigan sea glass adventures (my new hobby)

sea glass

I always enjoy spending time at the beach and in nature. But lately, it’s been even more fun hiking at the Indiana Dunes, because I’ve taken on a new hobby — searching for sea glass.


Since I’m looking from a lake, I’m not sure if the correct term is sea glass or beach glass, but basically I’ve been searching for glass that Lake Michigan has polished and deposited onto the shore. I’ve still been enjoying walking on the beach itself, but having something to search for makes the experience even more fun. This casual hobby has been pretty enjoyable so far.


Sea glass is technically litter, but I like that the water can make it into something cool and beautiful. I love trying to figure out what something once was — looking at the texture, or writing on the glass. It reminds me of the feelings I get when searching through a thrift store. Each piece of glass, like the items in the stores, have a story that we will probably never know.

I want to try to make art out of it eventually, though I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do with it. Maybe I will even just buy some clear jars to put it in and admire. I do not have that much yet but am working on building up a collection — it’s just another motivation to get out, get some fresh air and move around.


I’ve been anxious lately, but looking for sea glass and listening to the waves of the lake hitting the shore has been a soothing, meditative experience for me. I feel so fortunate to live only minutes from Lake Michigan. I always loved going to the beach when I was growing up, but the nice ones were far away. Walking along the shoreline is so relaxing, and makes me feel at ease. I could spend hours sitting by the water, but I usually only go for a little while. It’s a nice escape from the everyday.

Let me know in the comments if you collect sea glass, and/or the coolest thing you’ve found at the beach!

3 thoughts on “Lake Michigan sea glass adventures (my new hobby)

  1. Great hobby idea, Stephanie! Maybe you could collect/store in a canning jar for starters?
    Hopefully there will be a fresh batch washing up onto shores after less people out there over the winter….?

  2. There is a lot of sea glass at the 12th street beach from people listening to northerly island concerts on their boats. You will not be disappointed

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