Tea review: Teavana’s CocoCaramel Sea Salt

Hot chocolate is always nice on a cold day. But Teavana’s CocoCaramel Sea Salt tea is similar, without the calories.This chocolate tea was pretty good overall. In the past I’ve had some that were too bitter, but this one is not overpowering. With cocoa and carob, it tastes chocolatey. The caramel taste is also present, and sea salt stops this blend from being too sweet. Cocoa and salt stand out most to me, both in aroma and taste.In the ingredients it says it contains milk so it isn’t suitable for vegans or those with extreme lactose intolerance (I have issues with dairy and this did not bother me), but the coconut in parentheses is a little confusing.  I like that it is herbal, so my caffeine-sensitive self can enjoy it any time of day.

Ingredients: Cocoa nibs, carob pieces, chocolate flakes (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa powder), coconut chips, licorice root, anise seeds, natural flavor, marigold petals, red bell pepper, sea salt. Contains milk and tree nuts (coconut).
I really like this tea hot, but I feel like it would be ok chilled as well. It’s more of a comforting tea though, so it is great to enjoy on a cold afternoon or evening. If you like lattes, adding coconut or almond milk would be delicious with this blend. It is naturally kind of sweet, though not super sweet, but I do not think it needs any sweetener added.tea.jpg

The one thing I didn’t like a lot about this tea was the syrupy consistency. While licorice root is kind of good in this tea because it makes it that much more rich, it’s also kind of weird. It stops it from being drying though, which makes it good for when you have a sore throat.

Overall I do like this tea though, for when I’m craving a comforting cup of hot cocoa.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any chocolate teas you like, or if you’ve tried this one before.

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