Tea review: Golden Dragon Jasmine

The snow is back again, so this afternoon I’m reaching for a soothing hot tea. I cannot say enough about this jasmine tea! I love jasmine tea so much, and usually it’s expensive, or too overpowering, or just has the essence of jasmine from tea leaves being dried out with it. But Golden Dragon Choicest jasmine tea is perfect.

As you can see, this tea has actual jasmine flowers in it, which makes it beautiful and gives it a great taste. I personally haven’t found this very often with jasmine teas (I know they are out there, but the ones I have had were usually just soaked with the flowers), so when I saw it I was excited.
jasmine teaAlso, can we take a minute to appreciate the vintage beauty of this tin? I picked it up in Chinatown so it’s authentic, and the design of it is really pretty. It keeps the tea fresh, and also makes it look nice when left out.

Another thing that drew me to it was the price. Unlike tea I’ve bought at chain loose leaf stores, the teas they had were reasonably priced, so I stocked up that day.The only ingredients in this authentic Chinese tea are green tea and jasmine. I like the simplicity of it, and tastes great. Green tea has a little caffeine, but not enough to cause the jitters, so it is one of my go-to teas for late afternoon.
To prepare this tea, steep for about 3 minutes with boiling water. As with any tea, this one would be good iced, but my favorite way to enjoy jasmine tea is warm, because it makes it that much more soothing. Don’t mind my Kahlua glass above — I just wanted to show the golden color of the tea.

I’d recommend this tea to anyone who enjoys floral teas, and green teas. It’s soothing and smooth, and helps you relax — when you consume a lot, jasmine tea can give you a “tea high,” leaving you feeling floaty and at ease.

Do you have a favorite floral tea, or a story about a great tea you found at an unexpected place? Let me know in the comments below!

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