Book sales, mini book review of ‘Cat Stories’


A few times a year, Humane Society Calumet Area, where I volunteer, hosts a book sale. Last week was the third time I worked for the resale, and each time I couldn’t help but pick up some books myself, since they are such a great deal and the money goes to a great cause.

The sale takes place at the shelter’s thrift store, which is also super awesome. Each time, people donate, and buy books. And there’s always a great selection, as well as regular “shoppers.” I only spent $14.50, and got 14 books.


I already read one of them, and reviewed it on Goodreads — follow me if you’re not already 🙂 James Herriot’s Cat Stories is super cute! If you’re a cat lover like me, this is a great choice. Herriot talks about the cats he encounters, both in daily life and his veterinary career, and it’s clear he cares a lot for cats and animals in general.

Each chapter is a different story, about a different cat. I really liked them all so I couldn’t choose, but I liked that he had multiple threads about his two outdoor cats Ollie and Gilly, who he tried to grow close to. I’ve read a lot of cat books, and this one lives up to them.


I’m also looking forward to this book! I was drawn to it by the name and really wanted it because the picture on the cover looks just like Liberty! These books about cats just make me happy and give me so much comfort.


And another book I’m really looking forward reading and using to is this vintage tofu book from the 80s. I’ve been cooking with it more so I can’t wait to try some of the recipes in it.

Buying used books is something I really enjoy, or going to the library. I love the deals you can find, and stumbling onto my next favorite book. I love the smell of used books, and I like finding notes written in them and thinking about the person who read them before me. It’s just a fun experience overall, and going to a sale or store is always a great time, even if I don’t buy a ton of them.

What’s the most awesome book you’ve found at a used book sale? Let me know in the comments below.

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