Tea review: Adagio blood orange herbal


Citrus is crucial when you’re under the weather, as is herbal tea. From my experience, highly caffeinated black teas give you the energy to get going, but the high caffeine level can leave you dry and dehydrated. So, still feeling sick, I turn to Adagio’s Blood Orange herbal tea.

This tea tastes just like its name. Citrusy, almost a hint of grapefruit but a lot of the taste you’d experience eating a blood orange too. On day three of a rough head cold, this was just what the doctor ordered (well, this is just what I ordered to try to keep me away from the doctor).


This tea contains orange peels, hibiscus flowers, rose hips and natural orange flavor. If you’re a fan of oranges, you should like this tea a lot. Upon scooping, I noticed the dried blood oranges and their peels.


To prepare, step 1 “heaping tablespoon” (Adagio’s suggestion)and steep 5-10 minutes. I steeped this for 10 to achieve the ultimate flavor.


And you’re left with this super pretty redish pink tea (probably mostly from the hibiscus). While orange is the strongest aroma, I think the hibiscus taste somewhat outshines the citrus, but it blends pretty well overall. This tea would be great with a scoop of honey if you’re feeling under the weather, but tastes great on its own. It would also be great iced, but with the freezing weather outside, I opted for hot.


Overall this is a great tea for anytime of the day. With no caffeine and a pleasant citrus taste, it’s a great way to warm up but still feel refreshed.



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