Some of my favorite holiday gifts + the start of 2017

It’s been pretty rainy, but Freedom doesn’t mind.

Happy new year to all! Ringing in the first few days with a major cold, but fortunately I got a lot of great gifts for Christmas that will help. This week I will put up a reflection video about the past year, but I also want to talk more about the present, and my goal for more self love and self care in 2017.

Started off 2017 with a peaceful, reflective hike on the Indiana Dunes.

Everyone seems to know that I’m a big homebody and cat lady, from the wonderful, comforting presents I received. And they’re already being put to use!

If you haven’t already, check out my Christmas gift haul (this is my third video, so I appreciate your thoughts and feedback). My cats make an appearance and it’s just a fun time.

Liberty got some great holiday presents but her favorite was the many boxes that appeared around the house.

Also please let me know in the comments what you got as holiday gifts, and what you’re looking forward to in 2017! Have a great day and subscribe if you’d like to see more posts and videos 🙂

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