Relax and energize with lavender earl grey

The holidays are hectic, and caffeine is necessary. But it gives me the jitters. So when I saw this tea a few months ago, I was intrigued. Two of my all-time favorites, combined, are an amazing way to start the day: Earl Grey + Lavender.

This was my first time buying tea from Kimberly’s Kupboard, a tea and herbal company out of Illinois, and I stocked up on a few, but so far this one is my favorite. I know I will definitely be ordering more of this from them in the future!

First of all, I love the taste of this tea. Lavender has always been one of my favorite essential oils, but a couple years ago I really got into lavender teas. I love the taste of lavender – floral but smooth and sweet. This tea not only tastes amazing, but makes me feel great too. Earl grey teas are known to be strong, but the addition of lavender in this blend not only adds flavor, but balances out the caffeination and flavor. It’s truly the perfect tea for a busy day.

To prepare, steep two teaspoons for 3 minutes, then enjoy. I drank it plain, and found the tea did well on a second steeping when I made some for my boyfriend with the same batch.

Overall, this tea is relaxing and delicious. It’s great for anyone who is trying to lower their stress level and find a zen state of mind, but still get a lot done.

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