5 simple, yet fun things to do around the holidays

In between all the gift shopping and wrapping, cooking, baking, decorating and planning, the holidays are a time for joy and fun. If you’re looking for something relaxing to do to take a brief break from the hecticness that is the holiday season, here are some fun things to do on your own, or with friends and family:

1. Go to a Tree Lighting (Or visit your town’s local tree!)


Most tree lightings tend to take place earlier in the month, but see if your city/town is having one and go enjoy the fun. If it’s already happened, making a visit to the tree is still a lot of fun.

2. Drive around and look at Christmas Lights


We live in an apartment so we can’t decorate the exterior for the holidays, but I still find it really fun to drive around listening to Christmas music and checking out the local lights! You can go with others or on your own, just embrace the sparkle and look for the best ones near you. Some websites will even tell you the best displays in your area, but I like to go out and just drive around.

3. Watch your favorite Christmas Movie while enjoying a festive holiday tea and festive snacks



My favorite Christmas movie is Elf, and I watch it every year! Take a moment to carry on a film tradition or start a new one, and enjoy treats and warm beverages in the process. My all-time favorite Christmas tea is Celestial Seasonings’ Candy Cane Lane, which I reviewed a few years ago but drink every year around the holidays.

4. Volunteer


I don’t think volunteering should be completely exclusive to holidays, but it’s a great way to spread cheer and bring joy to others. My favorite place to help out year-round is the humane society, and many have special holiday events for the animals. But there are tons of places to help out this time of year. From soup kitchens, to making scarves for the homeless or gathering toys for underpriviliged children, helping out during the holidays is fun and fulfilling.

5. Take a wintry walk


Baby it’s cold outside! But with the right amount of layers, you can enjoy a nice snowy walk through a winer wonderland.


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