David’s Tea Movie Night green tea + my thoughts on Gilmore Girls (spoiler alert)


I watched Gilmore Girls a lot growing up, whenever I was home sick from school, or had a snow day or any day off, I’d put on the WB channel or later on, what was previously Fox Family and watched it. Later on, in 2014 when my mom started declining, I went back and rewatched the series from start to finish, and it was strangely comforting to me watching the mother-daughter duo and thinking of the relationship I had with my own mother.

So this weekend, Damien (who also loves the show) and I sat down with some DavidsTea movie night green tea to watch basically the entire 4-part production. I suppose the proper beverage for enjoying this shoe would’ve been coffee, but this tea had a little caffeine to help me stay up late to watch the show without keeping me awake too long after.


I guess the revival wasn’t exactly a movie, but it was almost set up like a four part movie, so this tea was fun to drink while watching. With a popcorn flavor and nutty, almost caramel undertones, I really enjoyed this tea. I only bought a small amount when I purchased it from DavidsTea a few months ago, but I think I’ll definitely be buying it again to enjoy occasionally. I included the ingredient list below:

Ingredients: Apple, green tea, popped corn, artificial flavouring.

The thing that always makes me apprehensive about some of the DavidsTea products are the artificial flavorings added, but for a treat once in a while I really enjoy them. And I wanted a snack, so this fulfilled my junk food cravings.

So back to the show. And just a warning if you missed the info in the headline, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. My full review of the four part revival can be found here, but I’m discussing some things here that stood out to me in particular.


— Richard’s passing played a huge role in the lives of each Gilmore girl. It didn’t necessarily cause them to act in the way they did, but it clearly made them realize things about their own lives. I’m glad the death of Edward Hermann was recognized so much in the revival.

• Emily is clearly devastated early on, but as time goes on, she finds independence and really wakes up. One of my favorite scenes is when she finally leaves the D.A.R. and stands up to all the snobs in the organization. It’s like the death of her husband is helping her really realize what life is about and who she is meant to be. I really liked her growth in these seasons, and seeing her move through the grief of losing her husband of 50 years.

• Lorelai and Luke are together, which is what I was hoping for. They had been for 5 years, but in typical Lorelai fashion she starts to question things and lose confidence. I think that losing her father made her realize that life is short and she isn’t getting any younger. I really liked that she attempted a “Wild” style hike, and though she didn’t make it out onto the trail just being in nature opened her eyes to what she really needed and wanted in life. While waiting to get on the trail, one of the most beautiful scenes of the revival — she calls her mom and recalls a secret, happy memory with her father during a teen angst time when he actually comforted her and they seemed to have bonded. Emily, Lorelai and Rory are still full of sass, and their fights are reminiscent of past episodes, showing that no relationship is perfect.


• Rory is a mess. She’s desperately searching for something, a better job, a place to stay. For some reason she keeps talking about not having any underwear. Everyone raves about her piece in the New Yorker but she has nothing more lined up and is trying to make a career out of the freelance life, and ends up working for free to try and save the Stars Hollow Gazette, which is about to go under.

It really irked me when she made trips to London to visit Logan while she was working on a story about an actress that unsurprisingly fell through, and I also wondered where she was getting the money to keep going. I felt like it wasn’t very realistic that Logan would be hooking up with her at this point 9 years later, I know he loved her but he also is engaged and in the last episode of the final season, he made it seem that if she didn’t accept his proposal he would have nothing to do with her. Rory is a likeable character but she has her flaws, and some of the things she was doing really made me upset, like acting as Logan’s mistress and also “forgetting” about her boyfriend for a year but not breaking up with him. I was hoping she’d end up with Jess, but the cliffhanger at the end following her mother’s wedding makes me think the father was probably not Logan as many will think — but the man in the Wookie costume with whom she had her first and only one night stand when drunk.

• The town seems about the same, but with more technology. I liked the present day references, and the fact that Luke’s Diner finally has wifi, though he isn’t really opening it to the public. I like that in the end Luke finally really communicates and tells Lorelai how he feels, and it’s a wonderful moment.

I loved the revival. While I don’t know how I feel about the ending, it seems about right, and the show may seem like fluff at times but in ways is very realistic. After waiting so long to watch it, I was sad that we went through it so quickly, but I had to know what happened and since it was all available right there through the magic of Netflix, I didn’t have to wait in anticipation. I wouldn’t be mad if there was another revival in the future. 🙂 But for now I am happy that some of the loose ends were tied up, and that we got another visit to Stars Hollow.

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