Trip to Petoskey + my first Airbnb experience


Northern Michigan makes me so happy. The wooded landscape and slower pace of life is wonderful, as are the cute little towns. This was my first time visiting Petoskey, and my first time going to an Airbnb. Though we were only up north for two nights, we had a great time.


I was a little nervous staying at an Airbnb, since I never had before, but it turned out great. We never saw our host, but she had a beautiful home with wonderful views that made me want to pack up my life and move out into the woods. Upon arriving, we were greeted by her cute cat and a clean, sweetly designed room. Then we headed into town.img_9208

We made it up north at the perfect time to enjoy the changing fall leaves. The drive up itself was pretty, and the more north we got it was even more beautiful.

14717089_10209644079166522_2456644680572980994_nFirst stop, Kilwins for fudge! Damien bought me some truffles since it was Sweetest Day, and I got us some fudge because I like fudge. Was hoping they’d have some vegan fudge but I took one for the team and got regular because I really like fudge and it’s such a Michigan thing for me. Unlike our camping trip, this time I had self control and the fudge made it home, now being stored in the freezer to enjoy later.img_924014708113_10209644089886790_5544193617540039254_nimg_9399img_9412We went to Boston almost a year ago, and Petoskey really gave me those east coast vibes. It  reminded me a little of Stars Hollow (yes, I’m counting down the days until the Gilmore Girls revival goes live on Netflix!) or a town on the lake. Someday, I wouldn’t mind being a resident in a place like this.14657345_10209644172328851_4354205077107958146_nWe’ve been wanting to try Beards Brewery for a while, and we weren’t disappointed. The brewery is very fun, and the beer is awesome (my favorite was Deez Nutz, and Damien liked Jack the Stripper). They even had a blues guitarist performing. I thought Beards Brewery would be a brewpub, though, and it was not, so we ended up having to wander to find a place to eat after. 14705800_10209644173728886_5250718580266944180_n14650332_10209644175088920_1322287640014498557_nWe ended up at City Park Grill for dinner, where I had the chicken marsala as my entree, and we shared carrot cake for dessert! The food was delicious and the atmosphere laid-back. The restaurant was decorated for Halloween and our waitress was personable and efficient. It was a good experience.img_9423The next day, we went into town in the morning for coffee and a bagel, walking the beach once again before heading Southeast some to see Damien’s dad and grandma. The leaves were beautiful in Kalkaska as well.img_9401The manager at the Celtic store in town was really friendly.img_9417I found Petoskey stones on the beach!img_9372img_9295One of the indie book stores in Petoskey. I could’ve stayed in there for hours!img_9443Leaves changing in Mancelona.img_9481Though I rarely drink pop when I’m at home, whenever I go back to Michigan, I always buy a Faygo and some Vernors. Living in Indiana isn’t bad, but deep down I’ll always be a Michigander. I love the nature, and the food, and the towns around the state. I definitely want to go back to Petoskey someday. It was as beautiful as I’d anticipated it to be, just like the rest of Pure Michigan. I wish the trip could’ve been a bit longer, but we made the most of the two days we were up north.

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