Tea review: Tazo organic bramblewine


The first time I ever saw this tea was last month, when I sat in the dealership waiting for my car checkup to finish. I was intrigued, and also very happy with the amount of free tea available to drink. It’s not something I was expecting from a dealership!

If I have to get work done on my car, this selection makes it more than bearable.

Tazo’s organic bramblewine tea is a green rooibos and green tea blend with “jammy notes of strawberry & black cherry color,” making it great for late afternoon enjoyment. The flavors really are reminiscent of a good, homemade jam. While the green rooibos taste is there, the fruity notes seemed almost equally present to me.

Tazo describes it as: “Organic rooibos and green tea meet under the apple tree and follow a hidden trail through brambly hillsides to their hidden strawberry patch. They unpack a picnic, toasting over the day’s adventure over hibiscus chalices brimming with ripe berries.” So now the “bramblewine” part makes more sense, with this cute little storyline.


Ingredient list (all naturally sourced): organic hibiscus, organic green rooibos, organic apple, organic chamomile, organic lemon verbena, organic green tea, organic licorice root, organic orange peel, natural flavors.


I think this tea would be great iced in the summertime, but I prepared it hot to warm up in this crisp autumn weather. Like its name, this tea is a little reminiscent of wine, which I enjoy. To prepare, steep 3 minutes with slightly cooled water that has been brought to a boil.

With great flavor and just the right amount of mid-day caffeination, Tazo’s Organic Bramblewine is quickly becoming one of my favorite teas (to enjoy in one of my many cat mugs).

Have you tried this tea? Also, where’s the strangest place you’ve found a good tea selection? Let me know in the comments below!


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