Why I’m loving Zum Bar soaps and mists


Lately I’ve really been loving Zum soaps and body sprays by Indigo Wild. I first tried them about a year ago, drawn to them by their fragrance, and very happy with how soft the goat’s milk soap left my skin. I hadn’t used them in a while, until I decided to repurchase them on a recent trip to Jewell Osco.

While I am working towards a completely dairy-free diet and ponder going vegan, this soap is a nice little splurge I enjoy using on occasion. The  Zum mist, however, is vegan, so the line has a bit of something for everyone. Though the Zum soap does contain animal products (goat’s milk) it is cruelty-free, which is important to me.

My favorite fragrances are the sandalwood citrus and tangerine-orange. They are both relaxing and energizing, great for use any time of day.


I have very sensitive skin, while it gets dry in some spots, it’s oily and others, and a lot of soaps (even the all-natural ones) tend to irritate and give me rashes or breakouts. While this soap is super moisturizing and smells heavenly as well, it didn’t give me any issues at all and left my skin smelling great and feeling smooth. I love showering with this soap and then spraying the mist afterwards to smell great and enjoy some aromatherapy.

What’s your favorite natural body product line? Let me know in the comments below?


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