Aura Cacia Tranquil Chamomile Mineral Bath

Chamomile bath (1)

I have been trying to take self care more seriously, and aromatherapy is something that really helps. Working late and long non-stop hours, it’s important that one takes time for some rest and relaxation. One of my favorite ways to wind down after a long day is with a nice, warm bath. Sometimes I read, and sometimes I relax. But I often use some sort of bath product to make the experience even more soothing.

Aura Cacia makes some awesome pure essential oil products. Aside from oils themselves, I really like their mineral bath packets. One of my favorites — for obvious reasons — is the Tranquil Chamomile. It really makes me feel like I’m laying in a big bowl of hot tea, which is more comforting than I can put into words.

This mineral bath has more than Chamomile. Lavender and Patchouli are also in the mix, taking relaxation to the next level. The smells blend so well together, and in addition to helping you feel more at ease, the essential oils also soothe sore muscles. I usually do some form of exercise everyday so I sometimes have discomfort, and working a desk job leaves me with some neck and back pain, so a mineral bath is a great way to wind down afterward. And I feel great about using this since it is all natural.

As well as smelling amazing and helping you feel better, the price is right and it’s sold at many grocers and drug stores. At under $3, this is an inexpensive indulgence you can feel ok splurging on. I bought the small packet for a one-time use, but if you love it, you can get a 16 ounce jar for just $9 to use for a while.

To use, fill up your tub and slowly pour the mineral oil blend into the water. I like to put it right where the water is flowing in, I don’t really know that this does anything but it seems to lead to more potent fragrance (probably all in my head!). I also like to take in a cup of tea with me, like Sleepytime from Celestial Seasonings, or any chamomile blend to double the effects.

What is your favorite way to wind down after a long day? Let me know in the comments below!


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