Andalou Naturals Instant Luminous face mask

Last week I talked about self cafe and self love, and part of that is pampering yourself. It’s so important to take time for yourself, to treat yourself well. But you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to find body care products that make you feel good, and that you can feel good about.

I like face masks, and most recently I tried Andalou Naturals Instant Luminous Turmeric & Gold Clay Face Mask, which I randomly picked up at Whole Foods.


While it wasn’t the prettiest of face masks when applied (see above awkward photo, looks kind of gross), I really liked it.

There were a few things that attracted me to this mask: the price, the fact that it is vegan, fair trade and cruelty free, and also that it has turmeric. I’ve heard this is great for the skin, supposedly lowering inflammation, while clearing oil and acne.


The mask comes in a single use package, so it won’t go bad or grow bacteria like masks that come in a multi-use tin or tube. The directions say to apply evenly to damp, clean or dry skin. I had just gotten out of the shower when I used it (see pruney hands below), so my skin was somewhat damp.


This mask was cooling with a texture that reminded me of pudding, thick and smooth. While tangerine oil is the last ingredient, the smell reminded me of a creamsicle or Orange Julius. After a few minutes, my face felt kind of tingly, but still cool. It was a soothing mask. While with the clay I figured it would harden, it did not.

Overall, it made my skin feel great, very even and smooth. A lot of masks make me break out, but this one worked really well. With all of the great features, this is a great occasional mask to use — and feel good about — if you’re short on cash but want to treat yourself.

Do you have a favorite face mask? Let me know in the comments below!


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