Lush Yoga Bath Bomb

Ahh, yoga. Nothing like stretching out and meditating to put both your mind and body at ease. I love to do it on the mat, and in the tub, with Lush’s yoga bath bomb.

IMG_1434Something I like about Lush is that they are against animal testing. Hopefully they are sincere about it, I try to have faith in companies that express this and pay more attention to the beauty and household products I buy, because I am very against animal testing myself.

The smell of this is so refreshing and relaxing. With sandalwood, olibanum and ho wood oils (and from the aroma I believe there’s some sort of citrus oil in there as well) bringing calm scents during this slow-releasing bath bomb, it’s perfect for winding down and finding your zen.


This bath bomb starts out slowly turning the tub orange, fizzing for a while in this shade, also releasing a hint of green and soon, blue.


At this point, the fragrance is very vibrant, and blue starts to fill the tub.


And a few minutes later, purple! It’s like a tiny rainbow of relaxation. But while the colors look beautiful in the process of fizzing, the final result reminds me more of a glittery swamp (though it’s still relaxing because it makes me think of nature).



Trying to practice more self care and make more time for relaxation, baths have become weekly routine. I’ve only recently jumped on the bath bomb band wagon, but Yoga is my favorite that I’ve tried so far. Since they are on the pricey side ranging from about $6-$10 per bath bomb, they’re not something I’m going to buy all the time, but rather as a treat. The smell of Yoga is not too sweet – just perfectly relaxing, providing just the right amount of moisture without leaving the skin feeling greasy.

What’s your favorite bathtime product? Let me know in the comments below.

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