Tea Review: Spice & Tea Merchant’s Jasmine Mint Herbal


Herbal tea is a daily indulgence for me. I love to try all different kinds, and with no caffeine or calories, I can enjoy them guilt-free any time of day.


I’ve always enjoyed minty teas, as well as jasmine green teas. But back when I was in Traverse City in December, I found something new when I wandered into Spice & Tea Merchants — a jasmine herbal tea. I was intrigued, took in its aroma and bought some.


I really like this tea. It has a great spicy feel to it, with the jasmine and mint elements blending to create a unique flavor. Described by Spice & Tea Merchants as “Floral in character and enriched by a minty calming curve,” and the complete ingredients are: hibiscus, mint, jasmine, wild black rice and green bush tea a type of rooibos tea (which is caffeine-free).

To prepare, steep for about 10 minutes (at least) to bring out the most of the herbal elements. I steep it even longer because as you might know if you have read my past posts, I like my tea stronger. I’ve enjoyed jasmine mint iced and hot, but I like it best warm at the end of the day to wind down.

What’s your favorite herbal tea? Let me know in the comments below!



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