Helping homeless animals


Everyone who knows me knows I love animals (cats especially, but I also like canines a lot). Puppies and kittens make me so happy and I spoil my own cats (probably way too much). But many pets don’t get the same reaction from their owners, who often disown them for reasons that I cannot understand, including moving, that the pet was “too old,” or they just didn’t want them anymore.

Some of the sweetest animals are out on the streets, or given up, and end up in shelters (like my sweet fur babies Freedom and Liberty who have their own Instagram account). Ranging from newborn age to elderly, many shelters (though unfortunately not all) do treat animals well, but do they really deserve to spend a good chunk (or the remainder) of their life living in a cage?

These are just some of the adorable animals at Humane Society Calumet Area looking for a new place to call home:

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I love photography, and since I’ve moved and started this job I haven’t used my camera as much. But whenever I volunteered on site, I took pictures of the animals with my phone anyway, so I started taking my camera with me to get some high-quality, adorable pictures of these sweet souls for the shelter to use on their social media and in publications.

I’m not going to lie, this is a lot of fun for me. I enjoy photography a lot (especially taking cat photos, which is why my kittens have their own Instagram account) and spending time with the animals makes me happy. The animals are treated very well at HSCA, but they deserve a furever home and people to call family. By taking these photos, I’m hoping to help show their personalities, and change their luck.

If you want to help animals but can’t have a pet of your own, look into volunteering at your local shelter — I guarantee they’ll be happy to have you. Whether you want to care for and play with the animals, fundraise, or have something different in mind, there are many ways to help.

It’s not practical for me to adopt all the cats (though I’d love to, I want to be able to care for them and having two is the right amount for me), but hopefully people can see how sweet and wonderful shelter animals are through these photos and #adoptdontshop.

If you are in the market for a furry best friend, this Saturday is NBC Chicago’s Clear the Shelters Event at Chicagoland animal shelters. Make a stop at Humane Society Calumet Area that day — you never know, you might meet your purrfect pal. To keep up with HSCA, like their Facebook page, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter @HSCalumet.


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