Tea Review: Celestial Seasonings’ Watermelon Lime Zinger


If you’re searching for something refreshing to drink, look no further than Celestial Seasonings’ Watermelon Lime Zinger. I don’t know how I didn’t know this was a thing until stumbling upon it on Instagram because of Celestial’s #MakeYourSummerZing contest, but this makes some of the tastiest and most refreshing iced tea I’ve ever had.

I was a little skeptical about what watermelon tea would taste like, since watermelon flavored things kind of taste weird and artificial to me. But this didn’t give me those vibes. If you like hibiscus, you’re in luck.

Blended with watermelon and lime, it’s a fruity guilt-free (and caffeine-free) tea to brew all summer long.


To make a pitcher of this iced, I used 4 tea bags, and two pitchers of boiling water and a bunch of iced cubes. I let the tea steep for a long time, probably about 20-25 minutes, and then left the bags in and added cold water and ice, refrigerating it overnight before enjoying a glass. I don’t think it has to be prepared this way, it’s just how I do it. This tea would be great used in a mixed drink or even mixed with some seltzer, but I enjoyed it a lot as is.

As iced tea, Watermelon Lime zinger is somewhat tart — it’s definitely not sweet, but by no means would I consider it sour. Just a nice, refreshing treat for a hot summer afternoon.


What’s your favorite tea to make iced? Have you ever had Watermelon Zinger? Let me know by commenting below!

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