Tea review: Signature Tea Co.’s Organic Chamomile

When we went camping, I realized I forgot to bring something very important with me: tea! So when we stopped to get groceries at Walmart I picked up a few Signature Tea Co. Organic Teas, including a caffeine free chamomile herbal.

I’d never seen this brand before so I was a little intrigued. I mostly chose these because they were only about $2, so I wasn’t expecting them to be amazing. But they were great, with tea taste similar to some expensive loose-leaf I’ve purchased before.

Something I like about these teas is that they are pure. The only ingredient in the chamomile was just that: organic chamomile. The directions were very specific — “use cold, fresh water for boiling. place bag into a cup and pour water over it. don’t squeeze the bag after steeping is done. when steeping is done remove the bag immediately. drink it while it’s warm.”

I can’t say I followed these “to a tea” (see what I did there? haha.) especially while camping, but they’re probably there for a reason. I did steep the bag with boiling water for 5 minutes, and enjoyed the relaxing taste and effects of chamomile while in nature and then at home.

This tea is a good buy, because it’s great for the money with 20 tea bags in each container, and the quality of the organic teas are great as well. Chamomile’s always been my stand by bedtime beverage, so I will definitely be picking up more of this soon.

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