A week in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


Ahh, Michigan. What a beautiful state. We just got back to Indiana on Sunday after a weeklong trek to our home state. After visiting my dad for a bit last weekend in Detroit, we traveled all the up and over the Mackinac Bridge to Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. Then we went south to visit Damien’s dad in the norther lower peninsula, and home, basically circling the entire mitten.



A stinky, sweaty me pretending to be Cheryl Strayed.


Though we were roughing it, camping in a tent sans electricity and plumbing, the much-needed getaway was extremely relaxing, beautiful and helped me clear my mind. There’s something about unplugging (to an extent of course, I took only my iPhone and used it to take many pictures) and getting in touch with nature, that is amazing for the soul.


Basically my religion.

This wasn’t my first time up in Northern Michigan. We went when I was little as a family, then again a few years ago, the last big trip I took with my Mom, who taught to love and appreciate nature’s beauty. It was nice revisiting some of these beautiful places, as well as venturing somewhere new.

We went to St. Ignace for a little bit after our first night camping, then spent the following day hiking and swimming in Little Brevoort Lake where we set up camp.

The following day we travelled to Paradise (literally) to enjoy Taquamenon Falls, which is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. The next day and our last day camping above the mitten, I really wanted to see the Big Springs, Kitch-iti-kipi, and it was truly beautiful.

Big Spring Kitch-iti-kipi in Manistique, our first time there
Lake Superior near Whitefish Point
Upper Taquamenon Falls, an amazing place in Paradise, Mich.


13524081_10208727692817436_762035731_o (1)
Lower falls.
Rocks near lake Superior. We were basically in Canada.
Boats in the beautiful Saint Ignace, where I bought and ate more fudge than I will admit.
Me wearing my “dirty hippie” headband to watch our third sunset looking south at Lake Michigan. Probably very ready for a real shower at this point.

At the end of our trip, we hung out with Damien’s dad and grandma, making a visit to Torch Lake and a journey around the northwest lower peninsula, which is also very beautiful.13575555_10208727680697133_1388394977_o

While coming home to my kittens and taking a nice, long bath was amazing after a week outside, it was wonderful to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I can’t wait to go back in the near future. This may sound like Tim Allen in one of those Pure Michigan, but my homestate really is an amazing place that everyone should experience.

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