Tea finds: Bath tea, green tea body butter from The Body Shop!


There’s no better way to relax after a long, stressful day than with a warm, soothing bath. And aromatherapeutic products make the experience even more enjoyable. Especially when they smell like tea!


I am in love with The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea line, which includes bath tea (I am so excited that this is a thing!) and body mists and lotions. I bought the bath tea and body butter, and I am very happy with those purchases!


The “tea” itself reminds me a little of a lavender scrub I made with my good friend Clare, except it dissolves during the bath. It has real green tea leaves in it, and makes the water smell amazing, while leaving your skin super soft in the process.


Nobody likes  a clogged drain! So it’s really nice that with the bath tea you can get a infuser to use in the tub. Steeping it during my bath was really fun — I felt like I was taking a bath in a giant cup of green tea (dream come true). I also drank a cuppa while bathing, so it was double the tea for ultimate relaxation.


Afterwards, I wanted to prolong the fragrance and make sure my skin would stay super soft, so I used the Fuji Green Tea body butter. I’ve been addicted to this fragrance lately, it smells light, fresh and clean, perfect for everyday wear. It has a great consistency as well. Some of their body butters in the past have seemed a little too thick for me, but this one is light while still providing moisture, perfect for spring and summer time.

Comment below about your favorite bath products — tea related or not!



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