Tea finds: Bath & Body Works Tea & Lemon candle is lovely


I love tea, and I love candles. So when I found something that combined those two things — this London Tea & Lemon candle from Bath & Body Works — I had to get it.

I don’t buy a lot at Bath & Body Works because some of their scents are way too overpowering to me. They do carry my favorite lavender body wash for sleep, but many of their other fragrances are a little too strong. This White Barn candle is a nice, light fragrance though.

I’ve smelled other tea candles before, but haven’t found any I liked so far. While this one doesn’t smell just like tea — it’s more reminiscent of an Arnold Palmer with the aromas of the tea and lemon blending together perfectly. I loved to drink these when I was younger. So not only do I love its tea scent, but the nostalgia factor is wonderful as well. When it’s burning, it reminds me of summer, iced tea and citrusy.

Do you have a favorite candle (or know of a good one that smells like tea that I should check out)? Let me know in the comments below!

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