A friend for Freedom

Everyday I’m starting to look like more of a crazy cat lady. I wear cats on my clothes, and share more cat videos and photos on social media than I probably should. But I can’t help what I am, I love animals, especially of the feline variety.


I wrote in the past about my rescue cat Freedom, a playful black kitten. When I got him, he was tiny, and he’s slowly grown into a young, handsome cat man. We are close and he has the personality of a fun puppy and happy kitten combined. He seemed generally content, but with me and Damien working the late shift, the social cat started to seem lonely. He’d wait at the door for us to come home, with a sad look on his face.

We looked around for a friend for him, but nobody seemed right — until I met Liberty while volunteering a few weeks ago. The cat ladies at the Humane Society Calumet Area told me there was a new kitten in the cat colony that I needed to meet, so I ran over right away and couldn’t believe the cuteness.


She was so adorable. The little white kitten, formerly named Crystal, was very friendly and sweet. We decided to name her Lady Liberty (an idea from my good friend Clare). Like Freedom, she was ready to play when I met her, though a little more calm.

When I brought them home, I was going to keep them separate but they instantly saw each other and began to investigate. Everything I’d read online said to do that, so I probably should’ve, but they both seemed curious so I put them together and they didn’t seem combative, so I let them be. Freedom was a little apprehensive at first, but they quickly became friends, playing, sharing everything and cuddling together.

Having two cats has been interesting and fun so far. I’d always only had one. But I love their personalities, and though sometimes they fight a little, they generally seem pretty content with one another.

While Freedom seems less needy and I miss his constant want for attention at moments, it makes me feel happy that he has a friend to hang out with. I’ve noticed that he doesn’t bother us as much at night — because he has a friend on the same schedule as him.


While their personalities are clearly different, both of these kittens are friendly and fun. I think we got the good ones 🙂

Do you have any pets? Tell me their story in the comments below!

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