Tea review: Tiesta Tea’s ‘Relaxer’


As you probably already know if you’ve been following my blog, I love my relaxation teas, especially those with lavender and chamomile. I love the way these teas make me feel — their herbal properties are so relaxing and also have a wonderful flavor. the latest relaxation tea I picked up up is Tiesta Tea’s “Relaxer.”


This tea is herbal, so doesn’t actually have any tea leaves, but it’s made up of some good stuff, a few simple ingredients of chamomile, lemon grass, blue mallow blossoms and lavender.  I like that, especially in a tea picked up from the grocery store. There are no artificial flavorings, just good stuff, which is clear by the whole blue mallow blossom, chamomile and lavender that you see and smell upon opening the bag. It’s not just tasty, it’s also really pretty 🙂

To make this tasty tea, measure out 1.5 tsp of the tea with 8 ounces boiling water (their directions said 212 degrees but I don’t usually measure the water temperature) and steep for 5 minutes. Adding milk of your choice would probably be good, but I enjoyed mine plain. You could also make it iced when it’s hot outside, but in my opinion, drinking it warm adds to the comfort of it.


I wasn’t expecting the tea to turn green, so that was a surprise! It was a blueish green color, which some research told me comes from the mallow blossoms. The aroma starts with chamomile and lavender, but following after is a slight tartness from the lemongrass. The taste is floral yet smooth. All the ingredients blend well together, but the chamomile flavor stood out most to me. It makes me feel happy, comforted and very relaxed. Even though I’d drink chamomile lavender tea any time of the year, this tea really reminds me of spring!

Overall, this is one of my new favorite teas for winding down and chilling out after a long day. Or having a relaxing evening of reading or writing. The taste and effect are soothing, and I am glad to have stumbled upon it at the grocery store.

Do you have a favorite tea for winding down? Let me know your favorite in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Tea review: Tiesta Tea’s ‘Relaxer’

    1. Chamomile is one of my favorites but lavender is very good too. Maybe you’d like this blend since it has both!

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