Tea review: Teavana’s Citrus Lavender Sage herbal


Ahhh, lavender tea. The aroma, the taste and the feelings it brings… Is there anything more relaxing? I love to try new lavender teas when I come across them. I haven’t gotten anything from Teavana for a while since the prices are kind of high, but when I stopped in recently, their herbal Citrus Lavender Sage caught my eye, so I got a couple ounces to try.

This tea almost looks edible, with the orange rinds and chunks of fruit that give it a bright, sweet flavor. Lavender and sage blend well and add an earthy, yet smooth flavor. They are definitely the top notes in the aroma, though in taste I felt that the citrus stood out as the top note, but the three flavors blend well together for the perfect relaxation tea.

I’ll be honest, the tea was a lot sweeter than I was anticipating — and I didn’t even add sugar. So if you’re not into sweet teas, this one might not be for you. While I typically am not a huge fan of sweet tasting teas (for the most part, I never put sugar or honey in my teas, I like them “black” if you will), the sweet citrus flavor was a fresh and bright surprise that made me feel summery during these rollercoaster winter days.


To prepare, take about 2 tsp of the loose tea into your strainer, and add boiling water to steep for 5 minutes. I used one of my favorite tea cups from Goldfish Tea 🙂

While I’ve only had this tea hot, I know it would make an amazing iced tea in the warmer months. It’s also a great nighttime tea with the soothing lavender and sage blend — great to relax and wind down with at the end of a busy day.


What’s your favorite herbal tea? Have you tried this one before?

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