Chicago Cat Rescue’s 8th Annual Sexy Black Benefit


I’m sure most people who know me know I love cats a lot (they probably think I’m bordering being a crazy cat lady — and they wouldn’t be wrong). Ever since I can remember I’ve loved kitties, and after recently adopting Freedom and starting volunteer work with my local humane society, I really fell for black cats. They’re cute, fun and some of the sweetest, most playful felines I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with.

And unfortunately, there’s still a stigma around them. Did you know that black cats (and dogs) are two thirds less likely to be adopted than other animals? People still think they’re bad luck, or are more drawn to those with a brighter coat. But black cats and dogs are beautiful and wonderful — and deserve to be given just as much of a chance as anyone else.


That’s why I got so excited when I stumbled upon an event listing for the Chicago Cat Rescue‘s Sexy Black Benefit to raise awareness and celebrate black cats and dogs.



Hosted at Chicago Party Animals Loft, this event was really fun, and ticket proceeds went to the animals. We snacked on awesome appetizers and sipped tasty drinks while some energizing music played, and at the end of the evening, did a champagne toast for our favorite felines.



There was also a raffle — and Damien and I won tickets to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in addition to a dinner gift card.


I think one of my favorite parts of the evening, however, had to be the cat prop photos. 🙂


How do you feel about black cats and dogs? Do you have one?

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