24 thoughts on my 24th birthday


Today I turn 24. It’s not really a significant birthday, nothing exciting happens when you’re 24. I’ve already legally been able to drink, gamble, serve in the military and see an R-rated movie for a while. There’s nothing super special about turning 24, but I feel much more mature than in birthdays’ past, and I’m thankful to be celebrating another year on mother Earth. While there are some things I would change about my life, I feel good about where I am at. Please take some time to read these 24 thoughts (or at least a few) that I am feeling today.

  1. In this moment, I am both the oldest I’ve been and the youngest I will ever be again.
  2. We are always changing and evolving.
  3. It’s important to laugh more.Β Laughter really is the best medicine.
  4. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  5. Get out of your comfort zone once in a while. It’s worth it.
  6. Don’t take loved ones for granted.
  7. Help others when you can. The best thing you can do is do something for someone who can give you nothing in return.
  8. I wish my mom was still around to celebrate with me, but I feel fortunate for the special people I have in my life β€” my dad, brother, boyfriend and good friends.
  9. Do what you love.
  10. Cats and pets in general are such wonderful and special beings. If you have one, make time to play and cuddle with him/her everyday.Β 
  11. Tea is good, have a couple cups a day.
  12. Books are important, there’s nothing like escaping to a different world on paper.
  13. I want to write more at age 24.
  14. Photography is such a great outlet, there’s nothing like capturing a moment in time. In my 24th year I want to take more photos.
  15. This is the first birthday that I’ve spent (and lived) in another state. I never thought I’d live in Indiana. But I’m happy where I am in this moment, with my boyfriend and kitten.
  16. I try to be gentle with myself, since everyday I do the best I can. Sometimes that is easier said than done.
  17. Simplicity is beautiful. Sometimes less is more.
  18. On every birthday I can remember, I have had some sort of cold/flu. But that never stopped me from celebrating.
  19. Do your best, and a little more. But don’t beat yourself up.
  20. Physical and mental health are important.
  21. Eating healthy is crucial, but don’t deny yourself some chocolate or a cupcake every once in a while.
  22. Bike and walk in nature, it’s the best cure for sadness.
  23. I wonder if there’s someone out there at this moment thinking the same thoughts as me?
  24. There will be good and bad times, but things change in ways you’d never imagine. Enjoy life when you can and make the most of your time.


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