My rescue kitten Freedom!


About two months ago, I moved to the Chicago area for a new gig. And of course one of the first things I did after settling in (just barely) was adopt a kitten. Meet my black shorthair cat, Freedom!

Freedom came from the Calumet Area Humane Society (where I’m hoping to start volunteering soon) and my boyfriend and I adopted him at 7 months old — he was an older kitten. We were talking to all the kittens and Freedom was actually talking back — a lot. He seemed so friendly and fun, and when we went in a room to play with him, I instantly bonded with the fun feline. The humane society was taking good care of him, but he seemed somewhat nervous with all of the loud noises, and clearly didn’t want to be caged up — he needed to be free to roam (probably how he got his name). When we brought him home he was apprehensive at first, but soon grew comfortable and his personality began to show even more.

I don’t know much about Freedom’s background, but he was tiny, cute and he had a great personality. I’ve never seen a cat who is both cuddly and super sweet but also playful and fun.


I’ve always been a big cat lady, so the past couple years without a feline friend after my last cat got sick and had to be put down were tough. But having a cat again is bringing me happiness and peace. There’s something about cat purrs that are just so comforting. And after being outside on one of these cold winter days (seriously, it was 2 degrees last night) it’s nice to cuddle up with a warm, soft kitten.


He’s grown, slowly but surely, to a whopping 6.5 lbs. He loves his cat cereal as much as his Fancy Feast wet food. I notice a difference in size from when we adopted him, but he’s still a little man. My old cat, Mittens, who was a beautiful loving tabby, was always on the heavier side, so it’s weird seeing a cat so small.

I hate the fact that people think black cats are bad luck, and that some people even try to harm them. Black cats are wonderful and have big hearts as well as personalities.

Of course I had to make an Instagram for Freedom. In addition to hanging out with him, I love to document his daily life through photos, so I thought why not share him with the world? He’s brought me a lot of joy — having him around to take care of has also helped me a lot with my grief. When I feel sad, he seems to know and comfort me. I feel lucky to have this sweet kitten in my life, so I hope Freedom can put a smile on others’ faces too.


Does your pet have a story? Comment below about your cat, dog, hamster, bird, etc.

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