Tea Review Tuesday: Crown Chakra Tea from Buddha

Connect with your higher self by drinking a few cups of Buddha Teas' Crown Chakra herbal tea. I love to enjoy it in my huge bird mug. :)
Connect with your higher self by drinking a few cups of Buddha Teas’ Crown Chakra herbal tea. I love to enjoy it in my huge bird mug. 🙂

This week’s tea is a little different from those that I typically review. I’ve recently made some lifestyle changes to incorporate more meditative behaviors into my daily routine. Lovely herbal teas have made the start of this journey smoother for me, especially Buddha’s Crown Chakra, which I purchased about a month ago.

This caffeine-free tea is light and slightly floral, with three simple ingredients: organic lavender, nutmeg seed and rose petal.

In addition to those herbs, it is infused with the essence of amethyst, said by Buddha Teas to “provide the right elements for invigorating the crown chakra.” This chakra is said to be that of self-knowledge, with its phrase being “I understand.” And being a pisces, with amethyst as my birthstone, I was drawn to the tea even more. I wondered if it would actually make a difference, but upon drinking it, I felt an overwhelming sense of both calm and connection with my own being — both from the herbs and possibly, the influence of that purple hued crystal on my mind.

Like most teas, preparation is simple — boil fresh water, and steep. Buddha requests that this one be covered while brewing, and letting it sit for 6 minutes (can steep between 4-6) gives you the perfect flavorful cup. Since the herbs are pretty light and don’t grow bitter, it can even be steeped beyond that time.

I really like the taste of this tea and feeling I get while drinking it during meditation, but I realized I sort of went out of order, with this being the seventh chakra. At some point when I have more money, I’d like to buy the complete Chakra bundle and see how drinking all of them improves my overall wellbeing, but for now I’ll be enjoying the Crown Chakra Tea and the relaxing “Sahaasrana Spiritual Connection” it brings.

Have you had any of Buddha Teas’ Chakra teas? Or had an enlightening experience with another herbal tea? Share your stories by commenting below!

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