Tea review Tuesday: Tazo Chocolate Chai

IMG_9141As you probably already know if you’ve checked out my past tea reviews, I have a thing for chai teas. I’ve tried many a chai, from the traditional black chai teas to the rooibos and even green. But recently I stumbled upon Tazo’s Chai Chocolate, and wondered what it would taste like.

Tazo has a lot of different chai teas to choose from. Before seeing this one at Target, I hadn’t even realized that flavored chai teas were a thing. One day I may venture down that road to try out new blends, but for today the focus is on this chai chocolate.

I’ve had chocolate teas before, like Republic of Tea’s Strawberry Chocolate Cuppa Chocolate (which was good but left sort of a weird after taste if steeped too long), so I was a little hesitant to try this one. I’ve had chocolate with cinnamon in it. I like (LOVE) chocolate. But sometimes chocolate teas don’t taste quite how you picture them.

This one, however, is interesting and tastes pretty good, maybe because the chocolate side isIMG_9143 not the dominant flavor. It really is chai chocolate, though Tazo describes it as “robust black tea blended with rich cocoa & classic chai spices.”

The aromas blend nicely, and it reminds me a little of a toned down cup of cocoa with a light spicy cinnamon kick. While I don’t think it’s my favorite chai of all time, I do enjoy indulging in a guilt-free cup of it when I’m craving my favorite food as well as some caffeine.

To prepare, heat fresh water to a boil, and steep exactly 5 minutes. No more — no less. I made it longer and the flavor was a little off, and in less time it doesn’t have enough taste. This tea is best enjoyed hot, with a bit of almond milk, but does taste great alone as well, and I’d recommend it to any chocolate lover looking for a calorie free dessert on a cold fall afternoon.

How do you feel about chocolate teas? Have you tried Tazo’s Chai Chocolate, or any of their other chai varieties? Share you tea knowledge below!

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