Tea review Tuesday: Hot Cinnamon Sunset

IMG_9127If you’re searching for your new favorite fall tea, look no further than Harney & Sons “Hot Cinnamon Sunset.” This “remarkably assertive tea” is all about the spiciness, with a hint of citrus to round out the flavor.

If you are a fan of chai teas or hot spiced ciders, you’ll love this blend. It can also be a tea that takes you into the Christmas season. The strong cinnamon flavor is nostalgic of fall and winter treats, and tastes lovely.

I’ve been waking up each morning to this tasty black tea.With 40 to 60 milligrams of caffeine, a couple cups gives you the energy to power through a busy day without feeling an ounce of jitteriness. But just peeling the lid off of the tin provides vitality, with the strong aroma of IMG_9130cinnamon you get upon first whiff. Cinnamon, orange and sweet cloves make this the perfect hot tea for a chilly afternoon or morning. Beyond tasting great and getting you in the fall mood, cinnamon tea is also very healthy. Cinnamon also contains antioxidants, and can lower cholesterol, according to Livestrong.

To prepare, boil water and brew for 5 minutes. I really like the pyramid shape of these tea bags, which are growing in popularity, due to their effectiveness in brewing.

I do not add any sweetener to this tea — it really doesn’t need it. Almond milk can be added to your liking, but I think this tea is perfect all by itself.

Do you have a favorite cinnamon tea? Share your favorites by commenting below!

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