Tea review Tuesday: ‘Love Me Truly’ from Clipper is a lovely chai

IMG_9060I love to try different chai teas. Some of my favorites include the spicy and sweet Oprah’s Teavana Chai and the smooth Vanilla Chai from Bigelow. But sometimes it’s nice to find an herbal chai, and also one that can be enjoyed a cup of fall any time of day — especially before bed in the company of a good book.

After a nice afternoon bike ride with my friend Clare, a fellow tea addict, we stopped at Target to check out their selection. They always have a great selection teas to choose from (among other things I end up buying that I probably do not need). In the search for Celestial Seasonings’ new Matcha Latte Concentrate, I noticed Clipper’s “Love Me Truly,” on the shelf, and picked it up, among a few other teas.

Clipper boasts being “Natural, Fair and Delicious” — all great things when it comes  to a cup of tea. In addition to being beautifully designed, the packaging is biodegradable, and the tea is certified organic.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a decaffeinated chai with good flavor, but Clipper got it right.

The blend that yields this lovely chai is a soft combination of organic cinnamon, fennel, ginger, orange peel, licorice root and cloves (those are the only ingredients in this all-natural tea) — not too strong, but not too weak.IMG_9059

To prepare the tea, boil water and steep 3 to 5 minutes (4 minutes worked perfectly for me to achieve the right amount of flavor).

I enjoyed it plain — it has a nice, sweet taste naturally — but the chai herbal would go great as a latte with almond milk, and even tastier with ice, sugar and some cinnamon added to the mix.

Overall, this is a great tea. From the packaging to the beverage, Clipper’s got a good thing going, and I will definitely be checking out some of their other teas too.

Have you had any of the Clipper Teas? Or do you have a favorite, go-to chai? Share your tea thoughts by commenting below.

3 thoughts on “Tea review Tuesday: ‘Love Me Truly’ from Clipper is a lovely chai

  1. I’ve never tried Clipper but I do enjoy the Vanilla Chai from Bigelow as well;) The other brand I enjoy that has various chai tea flavors is Twinnings:p Tazo vanilla chai concentrate is pretty yummy, too:p

    1. I’ll have to try the Twinnings chai teas! And I’ve seen the Tazo vanilla chai too and always wondered how it would be, thanks for the recommendation!

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