Tea review Tuesday: HiCAF Caramel Black tea


“Wake up and smell the coffee.” Sometimes, that seems like the only thing potent enough to get you going in the morning when you have a late night or trouble sleeping.

There’s nothing like a cup of joe. It wakes you up with its strong aroma and caffeination. Lately, I’ve been craving coffee when I wake up feeling really exhausted. I try to avoid drinking it everyday, but that leads to laziness and headaches.

It’s not that I don’t like coffee, I actually do enjoy the taste (not as much as tea, of course). But like many others, I don’t enjoy the side effects it gives me.

The jitters, anxiety and stomach issues that go along with a cup of coffee’s wake up effects are something I just had to deal with when I absolutely needed that pick-me-up.

But then I found Republic of Tea’s HiCAF Caramel Black tea at a Frankenmuth gift shop and I knew my problems would be solved.

I love a cup of HiCAF caramel black tea each morning, especially in my lovely “A Sunday Afternoon in the Park” mug I got on a fun trip to the Chi-town Art Institute this summer.

I’d had one of the HiCAF teas before from a coffee shop — I think it was the black coconut flavor. And that one was just heavenly — the toasted coconut blended perfectly with the black tea for an amazing aroma and flavor. I didn’t see that one at the store, but I noticed this caramel flavor, and decided to try it.

This tea is tasty — caramel layers over the black tea with green tea extract, blending the flavors perfectly — and it is good hot or iced.

Deliciousness aside, the big appeal of this tea is that it gives you a healthier energy. The HiCAF teas have more caffeine than a cup of coffee at 123 mg., but stress reducing L-Theanine leads to a more soothing energy boost, described by Republic of Tea as “a state of calm alertness.” And it truly does feel that way. After a cup of HiCAF, I feel alert and ready to tackle what life throws at me — without having shakes along the way.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’ll completely cut coffee. I do like the taste, and on occasion it gives me the energy that I need. But on a regular basis, this relaxed source of caffeine is a wonderful way to start the day. 🙂

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