Tea review Tuesdays: Mighty Leaf’s Organic Spring Jasmine


Over the weekend I had the pleasure of trying a new tea brand: Mighty Leaf. I’d never heard of it, but my friend and coworker Clare La Torre said it was really good, and she was correct. Their Organic Spring Jasmine Tea is smoothly aromatic and floral, with green tea blending among the herbs to create a great blend.


Upon removing the bag from its package, I could smell the jasmine scent of the leaves and flowers. I also appreciated the adorable design of the bags — they are really pretty!


I steeped this tea for 3 minutes, as suggested (maybe a tad longer), and enjoyed it hot. I was able to get about 4 flavorful cups out of one bag.

unnamed[1] (2)

Mighty Leaf says the reason for the extra large silk tea bags is to provide more flavor than ordinary tea bags, and I felt like it lived up to that claim. Among having a great taste, jasmine has many wonderful health properties, including treatment for stomach ailment, liver disease and cancer, as well as possibly increasing mental alertness in addition to relaxation.

unnamed[1] (3)

This tea is a little pricier at $9.95 for a box of 15 bags, but it’s worth it for a special jasmine green treat. My other favorite jasmine tea is Teavana’s loose Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls, which is also a blend with green tea.The flavor is surprisingly similar and close in fullness, which is impressive when comparing a bagged tea to loose leaf. I also really love the low caffeine levels, which make it a great evening or mid-day beverage. I give this tea a 5/5 stars – perfect for enjoying while reading a book before bed.

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