Now playing: Crissi Cochrane’s Sleep in the Wild

A happy song sometimes helps you find a little light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark the road might seem. That’s exactly what I felt upon first hearing Crissi Cochrane‘s single “Sleep in the Wild” on my favorite local alternative radio station 93.9 The River.

Canadian singer-songwriter Cochrane has been making music since she was a teen, releasing her first album when she was in high school. While Cochrane has played in bands off-and-on, she currently performs solo at bars around Ontario and Detroit.

The song is very upbeat and hopeful, with a jazzy-folk and soul feel, and Cochrane’s voice carries the words smooth like honey over the steady instrumentals. The video is also great and compliments that gorgeous tunes. It starts out with Cochrane getting ready, then follows her on her evening adventure.

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