Now playing: ‘Lorelai’ by Fleet Foxes

Lately, I can’t get enough of Fleet Foxes. I used to be a big fan of the Seattle-based indie sub-pop band (who is currently, unfortunately, on hiatus), and recently re-visted their Pandora station. I was instantly reminded how much I love their single “Lorelai.”

To me, the song is about not being able to move on or let go of a person, place or even a point in your life, whether positive or negative. The song has an upbeat, somewhat hopeful, yet dark feeling, but the relateable lyrics express frustration and longing for another time.

“And I still see you when I try to sleep
I see the garden, the tower, the street
Call out to nobody, call out to me
Chip on the shoulder, the dime in the teeth.”

I also enjoy this fan-made video, because it features images from San Francisco, which even after two years, I still want to go back and experience that amazing trip again.

What are you listening to? Share your music recommendations below!

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