Tea review Tuesdays: Numi Moroccan Mint

IMG_6581While at work, I was looking for a new tea to try, and in my desk drawer, I found a random bag of Numi Organic Tea in Moroccan Mint. Weird right? A random tea just floating around in my desk? But I thought why not, took a chance and made myself a few cups of the tea — and I was not disappointed.

I’m a big fan of peppermint teas (like my favorite from Celestial Seasonings), so I was excited to try this “Moroccan Mint.” And it’s a great tea: very light and earthy, with a vegetal taste and a nice, icy aroma. Numi said the tea has only one ingredient, and describes MM as having “a flavor as light and lively as a newly picked leaf, it has a sweet spearmint flavor that is refreshing and soothing any time of day,” and suggests steeping for 5-6 minutes, so I did just that.


Unlike peppermint tea, this beverage is sort of softer and lighter, which makes it a great choice for a nighttime tea that won’t make you too sleepy (I’m at work late, so I wanted something that would help me relax without passing out at my desk).


Whether you are waking up in the morning, in need of a pick-me-up to get through the afternoon, or relaxing and winding down for the evening, this is a great tea to sip. Its simplicity makes it enjoyable.

What’s your favorite tea? Comment below or email me and I will review it in an upcoming post!

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