Tea review Tuesdays: Teavana’s Sencha Jade Reserve green tea

Last weekend, my friend Clare and I took a trip to Teavana to check out their big annual sale. I ended up stocking up on one of my favorites, Oprah’s chai blend, as well as something new — a green tea. Though I am a big tea lover, I’ve never really purchased loose green tea, so after inhaling the smooth aroma of Sencha Jade Reserve, I was eager to try it out.


This tea has a rich, almost buttery taste — very sweet and pure, and I can’t get enough of it. It also has a wonderful aroma, and I’m in love with the fact that it only has one ingredient: green tea. Nothing artificial. Just pure, tasty tea, described by the company as “Extra fine Japanese cultivar gently steamed to release the light and complex green tea sweetness. Most popular as an everyday delight, but elevated by the discerning selection of artful cylindrical leaves which infuse the fresh green taste of an early Spring harvest in each and every cup.”


To prepare, simply scoop a teaspoon of the tea into your diffuser, then let it steep for one minute. I recommend following these directions closely to achieve the best flavor. The first time steeping, I left it about three minutes and it was a little too strong (still tasty, but I liked it much more when it was a tiny bit weaker). I also was able to reuse these leaves for about 5 cups and still get great flavor, which is amazing!


I really enjoyed this tea. It is full and flavorful, yet simple. Who doesn’t love a great cup of green tea? I usually go with Bigelow’s Green Tea with lemon, but I enjoyed switching it up with this blend and will definitely make it a staple in my tea collection.

When I’ve bought from Teavana in the past, I usually went for the fruitier blends, but lately, I’m drawn to more simple, classic taste, like herbal and floral. This is a delicious and satisfying tea, and after multiple cups, I felt better, which could be because green tea is “the healthiest thing you can drink.” But health benefits and other details aside, this is truly one of my favorite green teas of all time, and I give it 5/5.

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