Mr. Tea: a fun and convenient steeper

SubstandardFullSizeRender-5When I met my friend Rachel (of Life of a Female Bibliophile) last week for afternoon tea, she gave me something (or someone, I suppose) that has changed my life. His name? Mr. Tea.

From Fred & Friends, Mr. Tea is a three-inch silicone rubber tea infuser with a relaxed looking face.

To use him, you just remove his pants, insert just the right amount of tea, put the pants back on and then let him chill out on the edge of your cup as it steeps.

I’d always seen this tea infuser in stores and was curious about it.

But it works great. It stayed together, didn’t let out too much of my herbal tea (I chose Teavana’s Blueberry Bliss Pineapple Kona Pop to test it, and though it has a lot of smaller particles, there weren’t too many in my cup), and made having a cup more fun than usual.

I think this tea steeper would also be great on the go. It’s small and would travel easily. I always drink a lot of tea at work, but while I adore my Teavana Steeper mug, it is kind of inconvenient to take with me back and forth, so I’ve never made any loose tea at work. I think tea guy will become my new desktop buddy.

With his cuteness, functionality and fun, I give Mr. Tea 5/5 stars. He is someone every tea lover needs in their life.

Have you tried Mr. Tea? I’d like to hear your thoughts about him!

7 thoughts on “Mr. Tea: a fun and convenient steeper

    1. He is! He’s good with oolongs and herbals. I really like Teavana’s grape oolong woolong, but he’d work well with any tea really. He’s available at Amazon and Target, probably many other stores too, as well as Fred & Friend’s website.

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