Tea review Tuesdays: Davidson’s Raspberry Cream Caramel herbal dessert tea

People who know me know I love tea. It’s my non-alcoholic beverage of choice (with coffee following up in a close second). I’ve done many tea reviews, and have decided to make it a weekly feature on Life’s a Cup of Tea. From now on, each week I will sample and discuss a new tea for #TeaReviewTuesday. While I’ll be reviewing some of my own finds, I also appreciate any recommendations!


To kick off the series, I’m featuring one of the new teas that I got as a holiday present. When myself and my friend Joanne decided to exchange gifts, I was so happy to get such an amazing, thoughtful present.IMG_6278

She bought me a box of 100 dessert tea bags from Davidson’s Teas, which I am very excited to try!

While I’d never heard of the brand, I was eager to try it for a couple reasons:

1. It’s organic, with no artificial flavors.

2. The box contained all dessert teas. (lots of flavor, without the calories!)

Being a raspberry herbal tea fan, the first flavor that caught my attention was the Raspberry Cream Caramel. Though the flavor sounded sort of strange, it was actually one of the best teas I’ve ever tasted. It “combines the flavors of creamy caramel and vine-ripened raspberries, creating rounded nut-like undertones and trues, sprightly fruit top notes.”

First of all, this tea was very aromatic. While the raspberry scent was there, the cream and caramel stood out to me most. Then the nuttiness is very apparent, wrapping up the wonderful blend. It’s a decadent drink, and tastes best when prepared hot. I didn’t add any sweetener or milk, but those would definitely turn this tasty tea into a luscious latte.


Overall, if you are looking for a tasty dessert tea, this one is great. Subtle yet strong, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy while reading a good book on a chilly winter afternoon.

I steeped the tea for about 5 minutes, and was happy with the taste. The second try, I left it in longer, and it was a bit too caramel-flavored, so I recommend no longer than 5 minutes.

Have tea recommendations for me? Comment below or email them sasokol92@gmail.com.

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2 thoughts on “Tea review Tuesdays: Davidson’s Raspberry Cream Caramel herbal dessert tea

    1. Hi Natalie! Thanks for the tip, I will start doing that in my reviews. But for this tea, here’s what is in it: Ingredients (* organic): Barley*, chicory*, chamomile*, carob*, rooibos* and natural flavor.

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