Three fun “ugly sweaters” for your holiday party

The holidays are a time for fun — which might be a reason the “ugly sweater” is so popular this time of year. There are even places online to rent them. According to Time, the ugly sweater trend started back in the 80s, with a certain public figure who has been in the news lately for not-so-great reasons (Bill Cosby, creator of the “Cosby Sweater”), as well as an outfit for Clark Griswold to celebrate the holiday in. There was even an official holiday on Dec. 12 to celebrate the event.

To celebrate the season, Life’s a Cup of Tea brings you three great ugly sweaters found on the internet.

1. Bah Humpug sweater, from Tipsy Elves

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 2.26.27 AM

This sweater combines the fun of puns, pugs and holiday cheer.

2. The Light Up Ugly Christmas Cat Sweater, from TipItDesigns on Etsy


This sweater not only has a cat with googly eyes, but it also lights up. Great for the ultimate cat lady.

3. Santa Hat Darth Vader Christmas Sweater from

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 2.34.58 PM

For the ultimate Star Wars fan — you can’t have a lack of cheer while wearing this Darth Vader Santa hat pullover.

These are just a few of the ugly sweater choices available online. What are you wearing to the party this year?

Photos courtesy of Google Images

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