Cuppa Chocolate Tea Strawberry Chocolate is a tasty treat


Ever since David’s Tea stopped making their cookie dough blend, I have been desperately looking for a replacement beverage.  After a recent trip to TranquiliTea in Plymouth, I found the next best thing when I discovered The Republic of Tea’s Cuppa Chocolate Tea in Strawberry Chocolate.

To prepare this tea, bring water to a boil, then steep for about five minutes, and enjoy.


This tea is very tasty. A rooibos with strong hints of cocoa and berries, this tea has a strong chocolate aroma, complimented by the delicate scent of strawberry. With its natural sweetness, this tea doesn’t really need sugar, but with the cocoa flavors, it would definitely make an amazing latte.

But that’s another great thing about this tea —  you get the deliciousness of chocolate and strawberries, without having any calories. In addition to great taste, it is also very healthy, due to the high level of antioxidants naturally found in rooibos teas.


Overall, I would recommend this tea to anyone looking for something tasty. While it might not be Cookie Dough, the chocolate and strawberry flavors of this Cuppa Chocolate Tea make an amazing, enjoyable blend, perfect for a brisk fall afternoon.

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