Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy provides long lasting, shiny color

I’ve tried a lot of different nail polishes, but had the most luck with Sally Hansen and Revlon’s Colorstay enamels. So when I saw Revlon recently released the Colorstay Gel Envy, I had to try it out. While shopping at Rite Aid, I picked up the polish in High Roller, a dark eggplant hue perfect for fall.

I’ve never gotten a gel manicure, but I’ve always heard they last a long time, so I thought this would be a good one to put to the test. The price is right, at $7.99 from drugstores, with most gel kits and polishes running  much higher in price.

The color is very bold, and super shiny (excuse my imperfect painting, haha). I also purchased the Colorstay Gel Envy topcoat, but I didn’t even use it. After a few days wearing this color and doing my regular things — working on computers, cleaning and cooking — I still don’t have chips. Previously, I used the topcoat with a regular Colorstay polish, and the manicure lasted a little over 6 days with no chips whatsoever, so if you’re seeking a super long-lasting manicure, I would recommend both products.

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