Tea review: Stash Pomegranate Raspberry Matcha Green Tea

IMG_2541On a recent trip to a tea house (review on it coming soon!) I enjoyed a nice cup of Stash’s Strawberry Pomegranate Herbal red tea. When I was at my local grocer today, I searched for that one, but they didn’t have it. So I bought Stash’s Pomegranate Raspberry Matcha Green Tea instead. And I wasn’t disappointed. This tea is fruity but not overwhelmingly sweet. A nice, warm way to wrap up the summer season.

Stash describes this blend as a “delightful green tea combined with natural pomegranate and raspberry flavors to create an especially refreshing blend,” noting pomegranate’s history, as well as the tasty addition of Matcha, jade colored fine green tea is used in Japanese tea ceremonies.

I’m a big pomegranate fan — Celestial Seasonings’ Moroccan Pomegranate Red Tea is one of my favorites — so I was eager to try this blend as well and see how they compared. To me, the green flavor was much more prominent than the fruit, but I could taste the berry and pomegranate in the mix as well. Overall, it’s a great blend. I tried it both hot and cold, and I liked it more the first way. Heating this tea up brings out those great fruity aromas, which I honestly observed upon just opening the box, even though each bag is individually wrapped.


As usual, I didn’t use boiling water, since it often burns the tea, leaving it more bitter rather than sweet. I let the tea steep about four minutes (one minute longer than the recommended time). In addition to the fruit and tea ingredients, this blend also had apparent flavor from hibiscus, orange peel and chamomile (which explains why it made me a bit more relaxed), which made the taste even more delightful. The herbs, green tea and pomegranate flavors are not only tasty, but full of antioxidants. I recommend this tea to anyone seeking a slight fruity flavor but not over-the-top sweetness. 

2 thoughts on “Tea review: Stash Pomegranate Raspberry Matcha Green Tea

  1. Oh Tea how I love thee! I agree – fruitier teas taste better hot because the heat of the water pulls out their fruity aromas. I’ve tried the Stash one before and loved it! I’m also currently loving the Passion Tea from Tazo (it seriously tastes like hot Hawaiian punch!) Do you find that full-leaf tea has a more earthy taste than the bags of tea? I do! I prefer the tea bags from the 20-count boxes of Tazo’s Passion Tea than the full-leaf tea of the exact same variety that sells at Starbucks. Interesting, isn’t it?
    ~ Samantha

    1. Hi Sam! I love Tazo’s Passion Tea too! It’s excellent iced or hot, but yes, both that one and this one have amazing fruit aromas. And a very valid point about the earthiness of full-leaf teas vs. tea bags.

      — Stephanie

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