Tea review: Cranberry Apple Zinger, a tasty transitional tea


So, summer sort of came and went. And in the process, I didn’t try many new teas; mostly stuck with my usual Tazo Passion Iced. With the Rainpocalypse of 2014 hitting Michigan this week, a cold front came in and I really wanted to sip something fall-ish. In my tea container, I noticed a tea that I hadn’t yet opened (yes, I’ll admit I have a slight tea problem). Today I’m reviewing Celestial Seasonings’ Cranberry Apple Zinger.

CS Blendmaster Charlie Baden’s notes state that this herbal tea “brings to mind the unique flavor of fresh, homemade cranberry sauce… (with) bushels of lively, antioxidant-rich cranberries with tart, juicy apples and exotic yumberries, a healthy Asian fruit also known as a ‘Chinese strawberry.’ The result is a vibrant tea you’ll enjoy hot or iced all year long.” When prepared hot, that is a pretty accurate description of what this blend has to offer.


This is a very aromatic tea. At first whiff, hints of cranberry and apple are apparent, with a hint of spice. The taste is tart, followed by sweetness. Cranberry and apple are the strongest notes in this beverage. To me, it smells and tastes sort of like oatmeal — probably because of the roasted chicory and cinnamon. The yumberries add a sweet kick, and chamomile blends with hibiscus, to make these tea both tasty and tranquil. 

Cranberry Apple Zinger reminds me of cooler weather — the flavors reminiscent of the scents and desserts of winter holidays — those Thanksgiving cranberries, or cobblers around Christmastime. It’s a great way to embrace the changing season.


This tea is also excellent over ice. It almost tastes like a completely different beverage — more tropical. The first taste is hibiscus, with the fruit coming after, and the cinnamon-chicory blend having a much more subtle impact on the taste. 

No matter what the season, this tea is excellent. As Celestial Seasonings put it, it’s “Festive enough to be your Christmas tea, yet soothing enough to enjoy year-round.” I second that. With apple picking season around the corner, this is an excellent choice for some falltime fun.

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