The ultimate insomnia cure

Photo courtesy of Google Image Search.
Photo courtesy of Google Image Search.

I have insomnia. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’ve tried many things— tea, hot baths and showers, reading, attempting to meditate and watching television. All of that stuff makes you relax more. But I recently figured out something that works even better: lullabies and photos of cute baby sleeping animals.

This track is eight hours of lovely lullaby music, from Youtube user Lullaby World. While it is designed for babies and children, it really works. If you’re already tired, play it on your phone or computer, shut your eyes, and you’ll be asleep really quickly.

If you are having a hard time relaxing, pair this with a Google search of “sleeping baby animals,” a cup of chamomile tea and your favorite comfy pajamas.  Look through all of the photos on your phone while this is playing. No matter what is bothering you, just focus on how soft and cute all of those animals look taking a nap. See if you can make it to the bottom— and let me know what happens. There’s nothing more relaxing than light music and adorable animal photos.


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